Jersey Shore Daytox

Pain-Free Opiate Detoxification
Jersey Shore Daytox provides confidential, individualized, medically supervised opiate detoxification services. This is all done on an out-patient basis without the need for hospitalization or in-patient drug rehabilitation. A thorough medical history and physical examination will be completed by a licensed medical doctor who is Board Certified in Internal Medicine as well as ASAM Certified in Addictions Medicine. A diagnosis will be made and a personalized opiate detoxification program will be created to meet all of the needs of the patient. This program is designed to provide safe, rapid, highly effective, and pain-free opiate detoxification.

After the initial evaluation each patient will be assigned a Registered Nurse who specializes in addiction nursing who will act as your case manager. The Registered Nurse will help guide the patient through the initial detoxification and will design a personalized continuing care plan. Our Doctors and Nurses are available by phone 24/7 to answer any questions and provide needed medical support.

If you or a loved one think they may have a problem with opioid dependence, please call our offices at (877) 338-6939 for a free telephone consultation. All information will be kept strictly confidential.
Safe, Confidential, Home-Based
Opiate Detoxification
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