Jersey Shore Daytox

Customized Treatment Options To Meet Your Every Need
Advantages of Jersey Shore Daytox
Clients find the anonymity of in-office or in-home detox an attractive alternative to hospital or inpatient drug rehab. Studies show that clients seek treatment earlier with in-home detox rather than with inpatient treatment.

Women who do not want to leave their families and enter an inpatient detox often seek in-home detox.

Clients who work and cant afford to to miss work for 14 - 28 days can now take a long weekend off and be detoxed without co-workers wondering where they were. It saves lost time and wages from missed work and you can still attend counseling or AA/NA after work hours.

It is proven to be much safer and more cost effective than Ultra-rapid detox that requires hospitalization and gerneral anesthesia.
Jersey Shore Daytox is strictly confidential. We do not utilize your insurance company and you shouldn't because a medical record of treatment for a substance abuse problem can negatively impact your ability to obtain health or life insurance in the future. It can also inpact future employment where prospective employers may be able to obtain medical histories on prospective employees. We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, and cashiers checks. Low interest financing is available.
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