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About Suboxone?
Length of treatment:

The length of therapy depends on your needs, and is up to you, your doctor, and your counselor. Some patients stay on SUBOXONE for as little as a few weeks; others continue taking it for months or years. Combining SUBOXONE treatment with counseling should increase your chances of success.

Physical dependence is only part of the opioid dependence picture. For some patients, short-term treatment with SUBOXONE may not allow enough time to deal with the emotional and behavioral components of their condition. The risk of relapse is often higher with short-term treatment since patients may not have had enough time to overcome all aspects of their dependence. Seeking counseling with a professional trained in substance abuse treatment can help.
Remember: Stopping SUBOXONE abruptly will probably cause withdrawal symptoms. When you're ready, consult your doctor about decreasing your dose until you are able to stop taking SUBOXONE.

It is important for you to understand that because opioid dependence is a chronic medical condition, relapse may occur. This is not an indication of failure or lack of desire to stay on track with your recovery. If you feel a trigger or have a strong craving, talking to your doctor or your counselor can help. Your doctor may choose to adjust your daily dose of SUBOXONE.
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