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About Suboxone?
SUBOXONE therapy step by step:

+ Induction. Patients receive their first dose of SUBOXONE in the doctor's office. To start drug therapy with SUBOXONE, patients need to be in mild to moderate withdrawal at the time of induction. After 30 to 60 minutes, the patient should begin to feel the effects of the buprenorphine and their symptoms (cravings, withdrawal) should begin to decrease. An additional dose of SUBOXONE may be given if there is still a medical need.
+ Stabilization. As patients stabilize over the next few days, their doctor will decide what their target daily dose should be and adjust accordingly. The target stabilization dose is generally 12 to 24 milligrams for most people. Additionally, the doctor may discuss appropriate counseling options at this time.
+ Maintenance. During maintenance, patients take a consistent dose of medication that suppresses withdrawal symptoms, controls cravings, reduces illicit opioid use, and retains the patient in treatment. Their doctor should make sure some form of counseling is in place and may decide to see them less often. Their doctor will continue to periodically supervise their progress periodically during this phase.
+ Medical withdrawal. The final phase is medical withdrawal. Some patients may be able to stop receiving SUBOXONE therapy for opioid dependence. For these patients, the doctor gradually reduces their dose until they can comfortably stop taking SUBOXONE. Patients should remain alert to signs of withdrawal symptoms or relapse as their dose is decreased and tell their doctor how they are feeling.
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